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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

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Screenshots 2016 11 09 06 55 51The results so far from the USA election indicate that Americans also want  "change" just as Nigerians did a year ago. This is evident from the results collated so far which show the Republican candidate, Donald Trump to be taking the lead. Currently,  the collated results show that Mr Trump has polled 244 votes out of the required minimum 270 electoral college votes while his opponent, Mrs Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party has 215 votes.

This results have been generating mixed feelings among different categories of people. For instance, while  the  Trump campaign team has been jubiliating, the Latinos and the immigrants are uncertain as to what to expect from Trump as the president.

Also, stock market has also been responding negatively to the unfolding US election results due to some comments made by the Republican candidate,  Donald Trump.

However,  opinion polls show that many indigenous Americans want "change" and Trump is the agent of change they have.